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The 5 Best Place For Acupuncture Around Frederick

Practicing holistic approaches to health that have been honed for thousands of years, and today,Holistic Health Associates stands out as the Best of the Best in the Frederick area, as voting on by locals. Holistic Health Associates' tailored care plans, which include acupuncture, massage, and nutrition, aim to enhance the body's natural healing capabilities. They focus on a variety of concerns from OBGYN/Fertility to Chronic Pain and even Oncology Support, emphasizing the body's overall balance and wellness​

Beth G. Owens, a finalist in this year's Best Acupuncture category, blends traditional Oriental medicine practices with contemporary wellness strategies, treating patients based on the flow of Qi through the body. With a focus on allergy elimination, pain management, and general family wellness, her approach to acupuncture emphasizes the integration of body, mind, and spirit, catering to both chronic and acute conditions.

Frederick Holistic Wellness Center, led by Pat Thompson, focuses on pain management and sports medicine, offering non-pharmaceutical treatments for pain relief that benefit all ages. Their services extend to nutrition coaching and Qi Gong instruction, aiming to provide holistic care that promotes whole-body health and balance through natural healing.

Also, as pretty much anyone who's tried acupuncture: The needles don't hurt.

(-Thanks for the assist, ChatGPT.)

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