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The 5 Best Burgers Around Frederick

In the quest for the perfect burger, Frederick has flipped its way to the top with joints that serve up much more than just a patty and bun.

Wag's Restaurant crafts a burger that's a local legend in its own right—juicy, robust, and satisfyingly hearty. No reservations required. Pop in. Eat up. Lie down (elsewhere.) A post-chow power nap might be the last step to true burger nirvana.

Pop over to Brunswick to behold the juicy stylings of Boxcar Burgers, above, which has honed the art of the handheld feast, delivering gourmet blends with a flavorful kick.

And back across town at Maxwell's Handcrafted Burgers & Shakes, which also caters, they elevate the burger experience by pairing them with shakes so rich, they are kind of in a class by themself. These Best of the Best faves aren't just flipping burgers; they're flipping the burger scene on its head. Just ask the thousands of locals who voted in this year's Best of of the Best.

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