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The 5 Best Craft Beers Around Frederick

In a pub where the craft beers abound,

A hoppy one spoke to a hound:

"To stout and to pale,

Lift your mug and let's hail,

The most toothsome beverages around."

In Frederick, a virtual craft beer kingdom, these beverages are as frothy and sometimes as downright playful as that ‘poem,’ a word we’re using generously here.

Recently revamped, It’s the Berries is Idiom’s core sour, and the local fan favorite. They “let it rest on top of 400 pounds of Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries.”

B.I.G. Juicy from Rockwell is an IPA “full of haze and Citrus.”

Berries? Citrus? We’re sensing a theme here, except…

Kolsch from Steinhardt, also a Best of the Best finalist, is a malty ale with a hoppy finish. Its easy-drinking profile might be just the thing for craft beer virgins.

And if talking beers and toasting pups are your thing, ask ChatGPT to write your next limerick, too.

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