Vehicle, Truck, Food Truck, Moving Van. Text: SMOKING BURGERS BURGERS Featuring LOCALLY 100% Frederick County Raised Beef SOURCED 12 S. Maple Ave, Brunswick BURGERS OSS & Mobile Food Truck & FRIES 503 N. East St, Frederick FOO...

The 5 Best Food Trucks Around Frederick

With sizzling grills and the most crave-worthy menus on wheels, Frederick's Best Food Truck winners have parked themselves firmly in the hearts of locals. This year's winner, Boxcar Burgers (shown above), is known for serving up the juiciest of patties.

Fifty Fifty cooks up a storm, balancing perfectly between indulgent treats and healthy eats, mastering the art of the grill with a side of thrill. Whether you're craving a gourmet burger or a lean, green plate, they've got your ticket to flavor town.

And let's not forget the melty magic served up by Grilled Cheese Please! Turning the classic sandwich into a canvas of cheesy artistry, they've grilled their way to finalist status with every golden, gooey slice. They prove that sometimes, the best things in life are cheese, bread, and a little heat.

Together, these mobile maestros of the munch take street dining to delicious new destinations, one stop at a time.

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