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The 5 Best Frozen Treats Around Frederick

The average American puts away four gallons of ice cream a year -- that's 20 pounds worth -- according to What's more, ice cream companies contribute $13 billion directly to the national economy.

So, when you're looking to support the local economy, stock up on frozen treats from these local favorites in Frederick, MD, voted tops in the area in Best of the Best, The Frederick News-Post's readers' choice awards contest.

South Mountain Creamery takes your favorite sweet and savory treats to another level with its fresh-from-the-farm ice cream transformed into delectable sundaes, shakes, and more, complete with homemade waffle cones and a sundae so unique it's like a breakfast cereal party in a bowl​​. Its Cheesecake Sundae is shown above.

Jimmie Cone offers a twist on tradition, with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and more exotic weekly rotations like strawberry, black raspberry, and orange. Their frozen yogurt options keep things fresh and cater to all dietary needs, making sure there's something for everyone. And if you're into classic cars, their Cruise Night tradition is the perfect time to enjoy a frozen treat​​​​.

Little Red Barn Ice Cream Cafe is known for creating ripples of excitement with its homemade ice cream and charming cafe atmosphere. These winners churn out more than just ice cream; they serve up scoops of joy and community spirit, making every lick a treat to remember.

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