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The 5 Best Latin American Restaurants Around Frederick

Frederick's love for Latin American cuisine sizzles as brightly as the vibrant cultures it hails from. This year's winner, Isabella's Taverna & Tapas Bar, marries the lively essence of a Spanish taverna with the intimate, flavorful experience of tapas dining. Each dish is a mosaic of the region's rich flavors, inviting patrons to share and savor in true Iberian style.

Cacique steps onto the podium as a finalist with a name that speaks of leadership – and it leads indeed, with a menu that pays homage to the bold tastes and culinary traditions of Latin America. Their dishes offer a gastronomic journey that's as rich and varied as the continent itself.

And Plaza Mexico Restaurant, shown above, also a finalist, serves up a fiesta of flavors in every meal. Their dedication to authentic Mexican cuisine brings the zest and zing of Latin American kitchens right to your table, complete with all the warmth and hospitality for which the culture is renowned.

Together, these culinary champions bring the spirit of Latin America to Frederick, turning every meal into a celebration of life, color, and taste.

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