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The 5 Best Mexican Restaurants Around Frederick

In the heart of Frederick, where vibrant flavors collide with culinary tradition, the readers' choice awards have spotlighted the top-tier Mexican restaurants that have become local legends in their own right.

Plaza Mexico of Frederick offers a gastronomic experience that is both hearty and authentic, a place where cravings for quesadillas and nachos meet their match, and churros add a sweet finale to a satisfying meal. Beyond the food, the colorful décor and lively atmosphere make every visit a festive occasion. For years, this family restaurant has been a staple for those seeking a taste of Mexico, serving up favorites all day long with a side of cold cerveza or a tangy margarita to complete the experience.

Finalsist Cafe Bueno prides itself on serving authentic Mexican food that is the real deal. They invite diners to indulge in hand-breaded fish tacos, adorned with radishes and cabbage, and served with a side of cilantro salsa. Their tacos al pastor is a mouth-watering combination of spicy marinated pork and pineapple, cradled in soft corn tortillas. With salsa verde and salsa roja made fresh from genuine Mexican ingredients, every bite is a testament to their commitment to authenticity. More adventurous diners should try the torta cubana, a massive sandwich packed with an array of flavors. Check out their daily specials on classic Mexican dishes​​.

La Paz Mexican Restaurant has been a cornerstone of the Frederick dining scene since 1978, consistently serving the best homemade Mexican food. Located downtown along the scenic Carroll Creek Promenade, La Paz is a place where great drinks and great people come together. This establishment is a testament to the lasting appeal of genuine Mexican cuisine and the lively culture that accompanies it. Their long-standing presence in the community speaks volumes about their dedication to quality and tradition.

Photo: The Paella Valenciana from Top 5 finisher Cacique.

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