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The 5 Best Sandwiches Around Frederick

The art of sandwich-making is celebrated with the reverence of a masterpiece taking shape on canvas.

That was certainly true for Joey Tribbiani, the beloved goofball Friends character who loved any sammy as much as he adored his roomie Chandler Bing. (Moment of silence, please, for the recently deceased Matthew Perry, who played Bing on the show.)

In Frederick, we honor the top sandwich artisans in The News-Post's annual readers' choice awards.

At a.k.a. Friscos, a regular winner in Best of the Best, brushstrokes are bold and imaginative, blending flavors in a sandwich palette that surprises and delights. Behold its Lombard above.

Juliet's Italian Market and Café is the sculptor, carving out Italian classics with layers of meat, cheese, and fresh ingredients that stand tall as pillars of taste. And then there's Wag's Restaurant, where the sandwich craft is a tradition -- each creation an homage to time-honored recipes, served with a side of history. These maestros of the deli don't just make sandwiches—they curate a gallery of edible wonders that turn lunch into an exhibit of flavor.

You can't go wrong with any on the list below – they are the top five finishers in the latest Best of the Best contest.

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