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The 5 Best Seafood Restaurants Around Frederick

Winning the hearts and palates of locals, these establishments serve up maritime feasts that are a proverbial stone's throw from the source. Whether it's the classic charm of the crab cake or the daring twist on oysters, Frederick's favorites cast a wide net, ensuring there's something to lure in every seafood lover. Here, the catch of the day is more than a meal—it's a celebration of Frederick’s aquatic proximity, plated to perfection.

Speaking of oysters, your first stop for those should probably be Avery's, voted tops for locals in this year's Best of the Best contest. (See photo above.)

And crab cakes? Boy have we got crab cakes, which are pretty much the state's flagship food. Finalist Fratelli's here has owned that cakey category for several years.

And when you visit May's, leave the fancy duds at home. This crab-centric Frederick favorite provides fair warning on its website: " prepared for a delicious mess.”

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