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The 5 Restaurants with the Best Beer Selection

Frederick's connoisseurs of hops and barley have cast their votes to determine the five restaurants in our area offering the best selection of beer.

Oscar's Alehouse (West) made the cut without spilling a drop, boasting a selection that keeps patrons coming back. It's website notes in has 36 drafts from around the nation, and also "features beers from most local breweries."

Brewer's Alley, whose outdoor bar is shown above, crafts a symphony of flavors, with award-winning Kölsch for the craft-curious and a robust India Pale Ale for those who prefer a bolder sip. Their Hefeweizen and Dunkelweizen offer a Bavarian twist, while the 1634 Ale brings a local beet twist to the table. Seasonal delights like the Scotch Ale and Blackfrost Barleywine ensure that each visit offers a new taste to explore​​​​​​​​.

White Rabbit Gastropub hops into the scene with a dedication to beer excellence, where staff are well-versed in guiding patrons through a warren of wondrous brews. Together, these establishments raise the bar, providing a haven for beer lovers where every pour is a toast to quality and variety.

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