shallow focus photo of French fries
Stock Photo by Pesce Huang on Unsplash

The 6 Best Places for French Fries in Frederick

Oh humble French fry, golden baton of the feast,

Born from the earth, in hot oil released.

A simple spud, transformed with a sizzle,

On plates across Frederick, you make taste buds frizzle.

In the glow of the diner or fast food's neon light,

You shine like a beacon in the hunger of night.

Thick-cut or thin, skin-on or peeled,

Your salted crisps are our comfort, our shield.

You jive with ketchup, mayonnaise, or malt,

In the dance of flavors, it's you we exalt:

Cheese curd and gravy, poutine's proud stack

Or truffle and Parmesan adorning your back.

So here's to you, fry, in all your glory,

Not just a side, but a culinary story.

From earthy beginnings to crispy delights,

We hail you, dear fry, the star of many bites.

ChatGPT is becoming quite the poet.

The Guru agrees with its high praise, and recommends you try them at all of the joints recommended by Frederick locals below.

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