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The 5 Best Business Lunches Around Frederick

For those looking for the premier spot to clinch a business deal or impress a client over lunch, Dutch's Daughter (above) rises to the occasion, earning its title as the winner in the Best Business Lunch category. With a menu that features crowd favorites such as the steak and cheese sandwich, cream of crab soup, and the light lobster tail, this dining establishment is lauded for its top-quality food and attentive service, perfect for a midday business rendezvous.

For a business lunch that combines the thrill of the grill with the satisfaction of American classics, Madrones stands out as a finalist with its hand-cut steaks and house-made burgers, all cooked over a hickory wood grill. Their commitment to fresh, quality ingredients echoes in their award-winning seafood dishes, presenting a versatile menu sure to cater to any business lunch requirement.

Completing the trio, The Tasting Room offers an evolution of taste in the historic heart of Frederick, with a menu that boasts European influences and an extensive wine and innovative cocktail menu.

Each brings their unique flair to the table, ensuring every business meeting is coupled with a memorable meal​.

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